Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 Pro Max Disposable Vape

  • Mesh Coil
  • Type C Charging
  • DTL Vape
  • Advanced Display Technology
  • 5MG/0.5% Nicotine Strength
  • E-liquid capacity 22ml

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The Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 pro max Disposable Vape is built with the latest technology. It made a revolution in the vaping industry with its modern and unique key features and rare flavor varieties. A lung DTL vaping experience of a mesh coil heating system with the support of e-liquid.

Crown Bar 15000 drives you crazy, perhaps the vape device aims to take your vaping experience to the next level. And feel the real cozy cloudy flavors that you have never experienced before on your vaping journey. 

Specification of the Al Fakher Crown Bar Pro Max 15000 Puffs– 

  • DTL Vape
  • 5MG/0.5% Nicotine Strength
  • E-liquid capacity 22ml
  • An advanced mesh coil technology of cutting-edge disposable vape.
  • A heavy cloud chaser vape to smoke.
  • Rechargeable with Type-C charging.
  • Advanced display technology.
  • Prefilled and non-refilled single-time vape device.
  • Uninterrupted vaping experience.

Key features of Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 Pro Max 

Inbuilt quality – The premium inbuilt quality of Al Fakher crown bar pro max 15000 puffs makes the vape unbeatable from others. The device function is a dual mesh coil heating system with the support of 22ml e-liquid oil. Made with premium materials. Crown Bar 15000 is the best choice to experience the balance between intensity and satisfaction for a smoker. 

Battery life – To enjoy an uninterrupted vaping session, the battery life of the device is 650 mAh in one full battery charge. Which is also rechargeable with a type-C charger. (You will get the cable with the device on the box) 

Advanced technology – The advanced key features of Al Fakher Crown Bar Pro max 15000 puffs is a modern-day vape device that has converted itself into a complete smart vape device. On the smart LED screen, you can track down information, such as – the battery level indicator and oil level indicator. 

Nicotine Strength – First of all, the vape fulfills the craving for nicotine in every single puff by satisfying the consumers and has 5MG/0.5% nicotine strength. Upto the consumer how strongly they like to smoke.

Flavors varieties – Taking about the flavors of Crown Bar 15000 is long to go. Has 20 whole different flavors to enjoy and to switch from one to another. 

Design – The Al Fakher crown bar 15000 pro max has a perfect finish and premium touch. Bold colors and printed body designs give an eye-catching look. Slim lightweight body, shaped like a pen device. Easily grabable and user-friendly to carry in the pocket to go from one place to another. 

20 different mesmerizing flavors of Al Fakher Crown Bar pro max 15000 Puffs

Al Fakher Crown Bar 15000 Pro Max is a rare disposable vape that has a large list of flavors. Amazingly, all these flavors are loved by smokers to enjoy the DTL vape experience during their vaping session. Rather than wasting more time, let’s jump into the list of large flavors and explore them one by one. – 

Blueberry Gum – It brings up the childhood nostalgic traditional taste of bubble gum and blends it with fruity flavor and sugar. It’s refreshing and juicy. 

Gum flavor – The classic American bubble gum with sweet and mixed fruit flavors. 

Black current Ice – Rich in taste, holds the tangy black current flavor, leaves a cool menthol sensation after smoke, and has a little sweetness to taste. 

Berry Mint – Combination of different forest berries with a hint of mint. 

Berry Ice – Mixed with berries and has a twisted menthol taste at the end. 

Peach Ice- Refreshing taste of blended ripe peaches with a cooling menthol sensation. 

Lemon Mint – Refreshing lemonade blended with a hint of mint, an aromatic vaping experience of freshness.

Mint – Deliver a simplicity and authentic taste of mint. Refreshing and relaxing to smoke. 

Magic Love– The sweet and enchanting flavor creates a magical flavor to smoke heavy clouds. 

Strawberry Punch – The famous mixed combination of juicy sweet flavor of strawberry and punch.

Mango Ice – Served as Mixed mango with a punch of crispy cool menthol of exotic taste.

Lush Ice– Mixed with summer fruit watermelon and menthol, tastes cool and sweet. 

Gum Mint – Representing the spearmint gum with a flavor of sweetness. Freheshing and long-tasting. 

Blue Razz Lemonade – Mixing the blue raspberry and lemonade creates a tangy sweeter flavor of vape. 

Grape Mint– A refreshing flavor of fresh grapes with a hint of mint. 

Cherry fiesta – Cherry flavors are always on it top. A sweet and vibrant taste gets a blast of mouth to feel a cherry festive in every inhale. 

White Flash – A rare flavor of a mysterious blend of crisp flavors. 

Two Apple – Fresh forset trat apple mixed with the classic flavor of shisha. 

Lucid dream – Seems like a mysterious flavor to inhale, a flavor to experience the unique and enchanting taste. 

Sweet passion fruit – Hold the taste of passion fruits with a sweetened tangy delightful flavor of vape.

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